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Choose from our large variety of healthy and delicious salads, soups, gluten-free pastas, curries and meals.

JarBar is made with real ingredients sourced locally. It is free from refined products (such as sugar), additives, GMO, and 95% of the time gluten-free as well. We cater for everyone – meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans, the banters, and health nuts.

JarBar also focuses on sustainability by serving all food in reusable jars so there’s no packaging and less impact on the environment. We charge a R25 deposit per jar you will have on hand. From there you must exchange your empty Jar(s) in order to receive your new Jar(s). All our fresh produce is ordered based on actual orders received, which significantly reduces food wastage. We support ethical farming practices by only using free range pasture-raised meat.

Please note: Our main order cut-off time is every Thursday 6pm prior to the week of delivery.
We do have a second cut off time in case you miss that one, which is every Monday 6pm for the same week Wednesday onwards.

Wednesday 13th December

Thursday 14th December

Friday 15th December

Menu Notes

★ All dressings are homemade & only natural preservatives are used (e.g. Himalayan crystal salt, freshly ground black pepper, freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, etc)
★ Please add a note to your order if you have any allergies
★ We do not use any processed sugar at all
★ All produce is subject to availability and will be substituted with something else if not available

★ Mixed seeds = Sunflower, Sesame, Pumpkin & Flaxseeds
★ Should you not be not satisfied with your Jar, you can return it for a credit on your next order