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Kindly note: 

It is with a very heavy heart we need to let you know that JarBar is closed for online orders for the next few months.

After much deliberation, as one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever had to make, we’ve come to the conclusion that this will ultimately be for the best for multiple reasons.

We need to do this in order to come back bigger and better than before!
We have a super exciting and powerful vision for our future, and we cannot wait to share it with you 🌱

We humbly apologise for any disappointment and inconvenience caused, and hope you know that the last thing we wanted to do was let you down when you are so accustomed to receiving your Jar deliveries from us.

Until we officially get to open our doors, we will still be supplying local stores with our Jars and will continue to add more stores so that a Jar is never too far away from you. We welcome any suggestions of stores you think could do well with stocking some delicious and nutritious jars within the CBD and surrounds.
If there isn’t a store close enough, then you should also be able to find us on OrderIn and UberEATS when we have stock available.

This is most certainly not goodbye, but rather see you soonwith a spring in our step 😉 🌸

To our loyal customers, we thank you SO much for your continued support, and we hope that you know that the last thing we wanted to do was cause any disappointment or inconvenience for you.

For any queries, please feel free to get in touch via [email protected] and we will assist in any way we can as soon as we can. Otherwise you can expect to receive some updates from us along the way 🙂

As always, yours in health and happiness,
The JarBar Team 🌿

We create delicious and nutritious salads, soups, gluten-free pastas, curries and meals in a Jar, all made with 100% real ingredients sourced locally. It is free from refined products (such as sugar), additives, GMO, and mostly gluten-free as well. We support ethical farming practices by only using free range pasture-raised meat. 

JarBar also focuses on sustainability by serving all food in reusable jars so there’s no packaging and less impact on the environment. We charge a R25 deposit per jar you will have on hand. From there you must exchange your empty Jar(s) in order to receive your new Jar(s).

Menu Notes

★ All dressings are homemade & only natural preservatives are used (e.g. Himalayan crystal salt, freshly ground black pepper, freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, etc)
★ Please add a note to your order if you have any allergies
★ We do not use any processed sugar at all
★ All produce is subject to availability and will be substituted with something else if not available

★ Mixed seeds = Sunflower, Sesame, Pumpkin & Flaxseeds
★ Should you not be not fully satisfied with your Jar, you can return it within 24 hours for a credit on your next order