Tun-a-bean (Pescatarian)


Getting your daily dose of protein couldn’t be easier thanks to the tasty tuna in this super fresh Jar. With close to 30 grams of protein in a single 100 gram serving, it’s not only a great source of protein, but an excellent alternative to red meat – low in saturated fat and loaded with vitamins and minerals!

We love the cholesterol-lowering power of beans here in the JarBar kitchen! That’s why we’ve added creamy white beans to take this delicious Jar to the next level! High in fibre to prevent blood sugar levels from rising too rapidly after eating, this Jar will keep you feeling strong and stable until dinner time.


Product Description

Tuna, Red Onion, White Beans drenched in an Italian Parsley Vinaigrette, & Celery Slices topped with Black Sesame Seeds & Italian Mixed Leaves