The Mexican (*Extra Chicken)


Who doesn’t love a bit of Mexican Food?! We sure do! Being the health conscious individuals that we are though, we needed to find a way to make Mexican healthy. Enter ‘The Mexican’ salad 🙂

In our opinion no Mexican dish is complete without Corn, but as much as we love it – most Corn is GMO. We decided to replace the traditional Corn with a healthier Pattypan Squash “Corn” which we invented ourselves. Funnily enough, Pattypan squash actually originates from the region between Mexico and Guatemala (Nice Substitute!). It’s also a heart-healthy vegetable which is packed with vitamins and minerals and contains pretty much no fat and no cholesterol. Additionally, Pattypans are high in manganese, a mineral which helps the body process fats, carbohydrates, and glucose.

Teamed with Mexican style Free Range Chicken; fresh Salsa; a homemade Guacamole; and crisp Iceberg Lettuce, it’s safe to say that this Mexican dish is GUILT FREE. We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoyed creating it 🙂


Product Description

Free Range Mexican Spiced Chicken; Jalapeño Coriander Corn with EV Olive Oil; Homemade Guacamole with Tomato Red Onion & Lime Salsa; topped with Shredded Lettuce. View info >