Happy Culture Rooibos Chai


Happy Culture Green Tea Kombucha naturally infused with Rooibos Chai tea.
♡ 100% Natural ♡ RAW ♡ Low sugar (<4g/100ml) ♡ Perfectly balanced ♡

Ingredients: Raw Green Tea Kombucha ( Purified water, Green Tea, Live Mother Cultures,
Himalayan crystal salts, Residual raw brown sugar), Rooibos Tea (0,35%), Chai Spices
(Cinnamon, Cardamon, Cloves) (0,5%).

+ Organic acids
+ Antioxidants
+ Digestive enzymes
+ Happy Vibrations ♡

Brewmaster’s notes:
The Rooibos, with its natural sweetness, offers a beautiful twist to the exotic spice of the Chai,
resulting in a delicious, complex and curiously tangy blend. Our proudly local take on the the
popular Eastern spiced tea infusion.

Optimal happiness
A sensational beverage to enjoy on its own, sprinkling a magic touch to any moment. Offering an
exciting, refreshing and invigorating substitute to traditional teas.


Product Description

Live Sparkling Green Tea Kombucha, naturally infused with Rooibos Chai. The perfect accompaniment to your JarBar meal. ♡ 100% Natural ♡ Raw ♡ Very low sugar ♡ Perfectly balanced ♡. View more info >


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