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Mixed Peppers; Cucumber Strips; Red Onion Slices; Feta (optional);
Kalamata Olives; Romanita Tomatoes; Purple Cabbage Strips;
Aceso Fire Tonic EV Olive Oil Dressing; topped with Mixed Greens.
ACESO – the Greek goddess of the healing process and curing of sickness! 

This week’s jar is a delicious, crunchy, summer-inspired greek salad topped with a special ingredient – ACESO Fire Tonic! What is that, you ask? Fire tonic is a tincture (a health elixir) which boosts the immune system. It’s filled with raw enzymes, prebiotics, beneficial bacteria, phytonutrients, potent anti-inflammatory, gut & immune support elements!

That’s not all folks, thanks to mixed peppers you’ll get a hefty dose of Vitamin C, good ole red onions will assist with reducing blood pressure and of course mama was always right when she said you gotta eat your greens as they’re good for bone growth, improving eyesight, fighting cancer and more!

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