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JarBar is all about healthy and sustainable living.Our soups and salads come in reusable jars so there’s no packaging and less impact on the environment. We support ethical farming practices by only using pasture raised meat and all our fresh produce is ordered based on actual orders received, which significantly reduces food wastage. JarBar is a Friendly Food that’s friendly to the planet, animals and YOU! We now need your help to take JarBar to a broader audience!


We launched JarBar in August last year – at the time we were both still working full-time. We wanted to see if the concept would work and if there was a market for something like JarBar. Turns out – there was! The response from people was really overwhelming and every week our orders grew and grew. We eventually got to a point where we couldn’t cope with our full-time jobs AND JarBar, and we realised that we needed to focus on JarBar full-time.
We’re at that point now, but in order to get the business off the ground properly – we need funding. Until now we’ve been running the business from our homes and doing everything ourselves, but this does limit us as we’re only able to accommodate a certain amount of orders.

We would love to see our business grow and in order for that to happen; we need staff, proper kitchen equipment, a designated delivery vehicle and premises.
This is why we need YOU, and why we would be eternally grateful to anyone who can help us make this dream come true!

Check out our crowdfunding campaign < HERE >

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