Are you ready to take on a challenge? 🌿

For the month of October, Vegilicious is hosting their third annual Cape Town Vegan Challenge and we’re partnering with them to make your journey as easy as possible!

Becoming a full-time herbivore has many advantages both for your health and for the health of our planet and the animals we share it with. Just one month can really make a difference, and may even tempt you to try it full time!

We dare you to take the challenge! Sign up here 🙂

Participation is free. You can expect various events such as a vegan cheese & wine evening, cooking demonstrations, a braai evening, film screenings, dinners at Cape Town’s top restaurants, and MORE!

Let us simplify life for you with vegan options on our New October Menu every day, and look out for our special, discounted Vegilicious jars.

A Creamy Mushroom Risotto made with Bulgur Wheat; Roasted Cherry Tomatoes; Topped with Italian Parsley and Wild Rocket

With a vegan diet, a good source of iron and protein is essential. That’s why this jar includes lots of mushrooms and bulgur wheat, both of which contain many essential vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling strong and peppy! This risotto is so creamy and moreish, you will not believe there isn’t any dairy in it at all! And the roasted cherry tomatoes, Italian parsley, and wild rocket make for the perfect finishing touch.

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