Let’s be Sustainable Together 👫 Please Remember to Return your Jars ♻

We’ve absolutely loved the support we’ve had from you wonderful lovers of JarBar! That being said, we need to implore those of you who are not returning our jars with each order to please start doing so. We’ve perhaps been a little too lenient and some of you have been naughty 😛

The reason we need these jars to be returned to us is in an effort to be as sustainable as possible, hence we serve our meals in reusable jars, thus the need for disposable packaging disappears and less impact on the environment is incurred.

If you haven’t finished your jar (we know some of you like to save the goodness) by the time your next jar is delivered, please ensure that you transfer your meal to another container and then return the rinsed jar to us.

To those that are always so diligent with the return of our jars, we thank you so much!

Featured Jar of the week: Cape Malay Curry

Cape Malay Veggie Curry with Roasted Butternut OR Free Range Lamb,
served with Brown Rice, & garnished with a Coriander Cucumber Salsa

A true South African and Capetonian classic! Who doesn’t love a delicious, traditional and flavourful Cape Malay Curry? Enjoy it meat free with roasted butternut or succulent free range lamb. Either way you’ll absolutely fall in love with the array of flavours courtesy of our Chef’s special blend of malay spices.

This jar is an instant classic and you’ll also benefit from additional protein thanks to yummy green beans, resistant starch for energy from the taters, Vitamin C and K from our carrot friends, and even more Vitamin C from onions! Who could say no to such a tasty and healthy Jar?

▪ Should you not be not satisfied with your Jar, you can return it within 24 hours for a full refund.
▪ Fresh produce is subject to availability and will be substituted with something else if not available.
▪ Please note that although we do our absolute best to deliver on time before 12 30pm each day, there are a lot of factors that can affect delivery times (especially in winter when we need to be very careful on the roads withour delivery scooter). We thank you for your patience and understanding.


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