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Our final menu for 2017 is here, and it includes all of our favourite and most popular Jars,
as well as some new ones of course 😉

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December being the time for giving – what better way to gift someone than blessing them with a voucher that entitles them to some delicious and healthy meals to make for the perfect start in 2018?

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Tuna, Free Range Egg, EV Olive Oil Anchovy Niçoise Dressing, Baby Potatoes,
Green Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives (optional), topped with Mixed Lettuce Leaves

You’ve probably heard the term Tuna Niçoise before, and that’s because this is the name of a popular type of salad. Don’t let that fool you as our Tuna Niçoise is far from ordinary!

We, of course, use healthy free range egg in this Jar, which contains less cholesterol, less saturated fat and more vitamin A than the grain fed variety! Tuna is not just tasty but also packs a wallop of omega fatty acids. You’re going to receive a hefty dose of potassium from the delicious baby potatoes, fiber from the green beans, and calcium and vitamin A from the kalamata olives. To top off all of these healthy benefits, our homemade extra virgin olive oil anchovy niçoise dressing is not only divine but also packed with iron!

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