Enjoy a Happy Culture with us ✨ 😄 ✨

We’ve found the perfect beverage to complement our JarBar meals – Happy Culture Live Sparkling Green Tea Kombucha!

The abundance of naturally occurring organic acids and beneficial cultures found in this delicious kombucha makes it perfect to pair with food as not only does it serve as a beautiful palate cleanser, but all the goodness improves your gut florahelps break down your food and boost your digestion… Thereby giving you more life and energy to do the things you love to do 

What truly sets these juices apart is the love and care that goes into the process of making them, and just how good they are for you. The Happy Culture brewmasters have ensured an optimal environment that includes Himalayan salt lamps for purification, music at exactly 432Hz for balance and rose quartz for love and healing, for their cultures to thrive and become what they love to call, ‘Happy Cultures’ 😉

Together, our food and their kombucha are a super health boosting team that cannot be beaten and we’re incredibly excited to be working with them!

Available on our Top-Ups menu in 4 unique and delicious flavours: Cucumber & Mint, Ginger & LemonBlueberry & Basil, and Rooibos Chai. Yum!

Please remember to recycle your Happy Culture Kombucha PET bottles.
Read more information here on how easy it is to do.


Blanched Broccoli with a Ginger Sesame Dressing (Vegan option) OR 
Free Range Beef Cubes cooked in a Thai inspired dressing; Carrot Strips; Cucumber Ribbons; Bean Sprouts; Garnished with Spring Onion Slices, Black Sesame Seeds, Fresh Coriander, and topped with a Mixed Baby Leaf Salad

This sumptuous jar is almost completely raw allowing the ingredients to retain all of their natural nutrients, as well as natural enzymes, which boost food digestion and help fight chronic illnesses, which can be reduced in the cooking process. That’s not even taking into account how absolutely yummy it is!

Asian cuisine is known for its exotic flavours and fragrances, and this Jar is full of just that. It’s the perfect healthy way to satisfy those Asian take-away cravings

▪ Should you not be not satisfied with your Jar, you can return it within 24 hours for a full credit on your next order.
▪ Fresh produce is subject to availability and will be substituted with something else if not available.
▪ Please note that although we do our absolute best to deliver on time before 12 30pm each day, there are a lot of factors that can affect delivery times (especially in winter when we need to be very careful on the roads withour delivery scooter). We thank you for your patience and understanding.


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