Save Up To 20% On Your JarBar this Summer! 🌞 🍴 🎉

Summer is hot on our heels and with this seasonal change, we’re making some summery changes to our menu. We’ll be revealing a bunch of new, lighter and summer inspired jars in the weeks to come as well as some new Top-Up options and more! Save Up To 20% On Your JarBar this Summer! We know this time[…]

Rejuvenate your workplace! 💚

We know you love our amazing JarBar meals for yourself and your family, but did you know that we have a special company package to help employers help their employees to live a healthier more balanced lifestyle? There are SO many benefits to eating well in the workplace You can expect an increase in health awareness and knowledge, physical[…]

Enjoy a Happy Culture with us ✨ 😄 ✨

We’ve found the perfect beverage to complement our JarBar meals – Happy Culture Live Sparkling Green Tea Kombucha! The abundance of naturally occurring organic acids and beneficial cultures found in this delicious kombucha makes it perfect to pair with food as not only does it serve as a beautiful palate cleanser, but all the goodness improves your gut flora, helps break down[…]

Good Food 🍲🍴 Good Music 🎶 🎸 Good Fun 🍻 ✨

We are proud to be participating in the first ever Newlands Spring Market this Sunday, organised by the Good Vibes Project! This is also our first market so we’d love it if you’d come along and support us  You can expect to find the best food and drinks that Cape Town has to offer, while enjoying some entertainment and live music, all in the heart of the[…]